May’n live in SF

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This is the high school AU. I understand.




1. Stop reading lists of arbitrary life goals written by upper-middle-class white kids.

2.-32. Live your life judgment-free while cackling at people freaking out about those arbitrary life goals.

#for real #i’m not going to wake up at 5am and smile at the sun or some crap like that


Why tumblr posters sit around thinking of ways to namedrop “white people” in their posts is still a mystery, but at least this one knows about economic classes.

(the conclusion they’re avoiding is, if your internet connection is fast enough to use tumblr, you are probably not lower-class)


Jojo’s bizarre school idol adventure: love live crusaders

Watch me play in a mahjong tournament in about 15 minutes!

There’ll be commentators and everything.

something something no television no radio I hate this town I’ll go to tokyo

Can you believe IKZOLOGIC is 6 years old now?

…can you believe that guy’s name is “Yoshi Ikuzo”.